Camilla Zuleger

  • I started writing when I was 15. Today 10 years later, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. What started out as a hobby writing about human rights for Amnesty International and doing interviews with underground musicians at Undertoner has now become my way of life.
  • Camilla Zuleger

    Photo: Anne-Marie Vang

I have many years of experience working with journalism, storytelling, translations and PR. My core values are engagement and finding connections. My starting point in my work is the idea that it is useless to see things as isolated phenomena and instead I aim for their interconnectedness. This perspective did, among other things, result in my thesis in the nexus of sociology and literature.

My most recent work has been featured in Denmark’s largest newspaper, Politiken, the political magazine, Ræson and the innovative online medium Netudgaven.

Add to this, years of experience with PR and copywriting for international corporations. Further details on LinkedIn & my portfolio
Further details on LinkedIn & my portfolio

My e-mail is always open to propositions of collaboration or if you just want to say hi.

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I read

At the age of 5 I started reading and since then I haven’t stopped. I prefer books to movies and TV-series any day, but I can’t get to the end of a book if it’s poorly written. I stay as up-to-date as possible with European literature and make room for the works of Chinese, Australian, Indian, Nigerian, Kurdish, etc. etc. authors as well.

i write

I write all I can and on all sorts of subjects. I love when words change people’s mind or open up to a new understanding of the world in which we live. I humbly hope that my words will have that effect. I love languages and challenge myself by working and writing in Danish, English and German.

I connect

I prefer to see how things are related to each other instead of observing them as isolate entities. In my master thesis I have set up camp in the intersection between sociology and literature, but I hope to make connections between other fields of interest as well. We can learn something new by changing our perspective.

i engage

No matter the subject, time pressure or surroundings, I keep that which is important at sight and I do not stop before I reach it. I take my work seriously. I don’t do things half, and I stick to deadlines. But first and foremost, I care.