Translation of German chapter: “1968”

As part of Slagmark’s series on the revolutions of the world, 1968 explores the famous year of the student protest, rise of feminism, and in some cases violent escalations from an international perspective. I translated the chapter of original German texts into Danish. This anthology was published 1 November 2018 in Danish and is available via… Continue reading Translation of German chapter: “1968”

Literature: A Men’s Club?

Virginia Woolf photographed by Gisèle Freund

A few months back, I had my bike fixed in a little shop in Copenhagen. While waiting for it, I chatted with the mechanic who happened to also have a master in literature. Chatting about books to read to his newly born, he suddenly looked at me and said: “I’ve never read a good book… Continue reading Literature: A Men’s Club?

Embracing Distraction

Foto: Alex Wong

Second screening has become a part of our everyday language, acknowledging the fact that the modern human being has a tendency to getting distracted while doing something. That something usually being TV, streaming or other formats of the moving pictures. But what if we started implementing, willingly, the urge to second screen into other formats… Continue reading Embracing Distraction

The Future of Reading, or: A Book Isn’t a Book Isn’t a Book Isn’t a Book

Back when Gertrude Stein wrote her famous poem on a rose in 1913, a book was the only way of communicating a literary message besides the news papers’ feuilletons. A book was a book, in short. Within the literary field many things have happened in the past 100 years: New formats have come to life… Continue reading The Future of Reading, or: A Book Isn’t a Book Isn’t a Book Isn’t a Book