“Doing Good” – Essay in Chickpea Magazine

The American Chickpea Magazine is one of my favourite publications on whole-foods cooking & living on the market today. All made in a very intimate tone-of-voice, with beautiful hand-writing and personal touches from the editors everywhere, it’s been a great source of inspiration to me.

For their 26th issue with the theme mindfulness I contributed with a personal essay on the ethical struggle of doing good when it comes to food and an environmental friendly lifestyle.

“I buy too many clothes and don’t even get me started on my phone. I sometimes want apples in spring, although I know that’s not at all the right season. Because the thought of having to give all of these things up (fruit in the winter, iPhones and avocados) is just too much. It becomes a matter of can’t and won’t and therein lies the dilemma. Because I could live a perfectly fine life without exotic fruits and vegetables, without soy, and without iPhones. But I don’t want to because I still have that egocentric feeling that you ought to live a little.”


The digital version launched in the end of February, and can be bought here. The print issue will be published not long thereafter.

Chickpea Magazine is also one of my favourite Instagram accounts

By Camilla

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