Interview with Peter Sloterdijk

In relation to the release of his recent book, “Nach Gott”, the German philosopher and cultural critic, Peter Sloterdijk visited Copenhagen and the International Author Scene at the Royal Library in Copenhagen for a conversation with his colleague, Manfred Osten. On that occasion, I interviewed the central thinker for the Danish-based, and internationally acclaimed Scenario Magazine, which is published by Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies.

Our conversation centered around his thoughts on stress as a positive, constructive force in modern society:

“Because the members of a community or the inhabitants of a society are not, in advance, connected, you have to find the force that even so, brings coherence to communities, great or small. In Sloterdijk’s view, this force is called stress, and is actually a sign of good health:

”The ability to recognise or feel stress is a sign of health. Only diseased organisms are not fit enough to escape or fight properly.”

”We live in a multi-stressing world situation that is, in principle, pathogenic,” he continues. “The healthy form of stress training really consists in preparing for confrontation, like an athlete preparing for a fight. And so, it is equally important to train your ability to be under pressure. When you succeed in that, your health improves.“”

The interview was published in both Danish and English and can be read in its full length online or in issue 01:2018

By Camilla

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