“Doing Good” – Essay in Chickpea Magazine

The American Chickpea Magazine is one of my favourite publications on whole-foods cooking & living on the market today. All made in a very intimate tone-of-voice, with beautiful hand-writing and personal touches from the editors everywhere, it’s been a great source of inspiration to me. For their 26th issue with the theme mindfulness I contributed with a… Continue reading “Doing Good” – Essay in Chickpea Magazine

Interview with Peter Sloterdijk

In relation to the release of his recent book, “Nach Gott”, the German philosopher and cultural critic, Peter Sloterdijk visited Copenhagen and the International Author Scene at the Royal Library in Copenhagen for a conversation with his colleague, Manfred Osten. On that occasion, I interviewed the central thinker for the Danish-based, and internationally acclaimed Scenario… Continue reading Interview with Peter Sloterdijk